Pubcast 380 – FOBAB Beers and Volunteers

This episode might seem late for last year’s Festival of Barrel Aged Beers (FOBAB), or perhaps too early for next year but…there were a number of FOBAB brews that needed drinking so we gathered a few chums at the Brit and Yankee Pub and had a tasting session!

On the distinguished panel are FOBAB volunteers Ken McMullen from Hopvine Brewing, Kevin Herbst, and John Bittermann, plus your host Phil ‘The Brit’ Clark. Then rounding everything out is someone who has had entries at FOBAB, co-owner of Art History Brewing, Tom Rau.

We find out why the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild relies heavily on volunteer help to ensure the festival is a success, plus how you can sign up and help out in the future. Plus of course the usual pub chat including how The Brit keeps his toenails under control, what steps are taken to control ‘over-served’ attendees, the rigors of emptying the ‘slop buckets’, and the pros and cons of the UIC venue. Tom Rau also provides his views from the brewer’s side and how the decisions are made of which beer and style to enter for any given year. And finally, each panelist tells us which of the beers they preferred…not the winner, as these are all winners!

Yes, it’s a longer episode but we hope that you enjoy the perspectives of some of the people who experience this great festival as volunteers, and perhaps you will volunteer for the 2023 event!! Cheers!

Link to ICBG Volunteer signup

Beers Sampled:

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