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L – R: Mark Naski, Phil Clark, Mike Lingafelter

Mike ‘Lingo’ Lingafelter – The Original Yankee

It was with Mike that The Brit decided to startup a podcast is the early, first wave of podcasting back in 2007.

In the 80’s, cable TV came to St. Charles IL and the cable provider set up a local access studio, offering free training to those interested in learning how to do cable shows for the community. Mike jumped at the chance, and within two years had written, produced and directed more than eight shows, two of which had runs of about a year each.

Fast forward to 2004 when dart buddy and friend Phil Clark (The Brit) told Mike about this new thing that was taking off called Podcasting.  After getting hooked on listening to many different podcasts, Mike started putting together small drop-ins for a couple of podcast shows. Then one day Phil approached Mike with the idea of creating his own podcast and he asked Mike to be his co-host.  Always the behind-the-scenes guy, this was a big step for Mike, but he said yes, and The Brit and the Yankee was born.

Mike now has a job that takes him on extended contracts across the country, and has moved down to the Sunshine State, but his legacy lives on as the co-originator of the Brit and Yankee! Cheers Lingo!

Mark Naski

Mark joined the Pubcast to provide his insight and knowledge, and ensure the boys had a good supply of freshly brewed beer!  We met Mark at the infamous John’s Tavern in Winfield IL, where we instantly knew that he needed to be our co-host on the podcast. A quiet man, he reluctantly agreed, but became an instant favorite!

Mark was a National level Certified Beer Judge, and had been associated with beer and brewing for over 40 years.  He traveled extensively in Europe, visiting many of the well-known breweries and forming friendships with the brewers, while learning the art of brewing along the way.  His native homeland of Finland has given us Sahti and many NHL players. He worked with Church Street Brewery when they first started out, to help them perfect the award-winning Heavenly Helles Lager, and also their Itascafest Marzen. In early 2018 he left Illinois to take up residence in Idaho, but made frequent trips back to the Pub, and always brought us plenty of new brews!

Sadly, in 2021, Mark passed away suddenly and he is greatly missed. Check out our tribute shows by clicking this link – Mark Naski

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