Pubcast 163 – Tasting, Tasting…1,2,3 – To Infinium and Beyond

We are back in the pub studios for this edition, and it’s all tasting for Mark and Phil.  The lovely Kimberlee makes a guest appearance to keep us in line!

We have a brew that is past the best-by date by 4 years, Sam Adams / Weihenstephaner collaboration, Infinium,  and it has changed it’s profile, perhaps for the better.

Then we go back and retaste Noon Whistle‘s Bob Ross Did It, Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale, and we discover that it is a darn fine brew.  The first bottle had lost it’s carbonation, but brewer Paul Klein have us another to taste, and it passed our rigorous taste test!

Finally, we are tasting a beer that is 30 years in the making, Bell’s 30th Anniversary Imperial Stout.  And it’s pretty darn good!

One thought on “Pubcast 163 – Tasting, Tasting…1,2,3 – To Infinium and Beyond

  1. I disagree with lars, I think Yeti might only be typcial of the American strong stouts available in Europe. About a month ago I was at a bar which featured three strong stouts: North Coast’s Old Rasputin, Bell’s Expedition Stout and Surly’s Darkness. There was great variation between those three. Yeti as I recall was too bitter-chocolatey for my taste. The oak aged version smoothed that out some. But I think you could do better for an American Imperial stout.

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