Tribute to Chas Hodges

Dateline: September 23, 2018

The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Podcast was originally called Pubcast from the Brit and Yankee, and our intention was to try to recreate the atmosphere of an English pub. Part of that atmosphere, was traditional ‘knees-up’ music and pub rock, and the kings of this were Chas & Dave. We contacted their publishers and asked if we could use one of their songs, “Beer Belly”, as an outro for our podcast.

Not only did they allow us to do so, but when we asked if we could perhaps interview one of them, they agreed and set up a Trans-Atlantic call with Chas Hodges.  Also Chas, was a life-long Tottenham Hotspurs supported as he came from north London, the same as The Brit.

We learned yesterday of Chas’s passing, at the age of 74, and we were gutted and saddened, as we know that there would be no more knees-up like the old days. In tribute to Chas, we present this interview below, and recommend that you head out to any of the music download sites and check them out for yourselves. We’d love America to fall in love with them as we in the UK did.

Cheers Chas, we’ll raise a glass to you on our next podcast and by now we expect you are having a good old sing-song somewhere else. You’ll not be forgotten!

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