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Episode Number and Link Title Publication
Notes Jon Miller of Bubblehouse Brewing 2024-03-14 A Safe Haven for Hops at Harbor Brewing 2024-02-29 Black Lung Brewing Revisited 2024-02-09 Matt Strysik of Knack Brewing-A Craft Beer Oasis in Kankakee 2023-12-07 Bob Salzman of BBGB Brewery Hopfarm 2023-11-02 Two Hound Red Brewing with Steve Woertendyke 2023-09-29 Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer at Go Brewing 2023-09-01 Sundial Brewing and Blending Company 2023-08-11 Fox Republic Brewing Company 2023-08-04 Kishwaukee Brewing Company 2023-06-30 Getting Our Kicks on Rt 66 at Old School Brewing 2023-06-23 Colorado’s Real Ale: Robert Bell of Hogshead 54 Brewery 2023-04-21 Saisons, Saisons, Saisons! Mike Thorpe of Afterthought Brewing 2023-03-24 It’s All About Bill!-206 Brewing Company 2023-03-17 David Files of Energy City Brewing 2023-03-03 Erik Pizer of Flipside Brewing 2023-02-24 Metal Monkey Brewing: 7 Years On 2023-02-17 Sturdy Shelter Brewing 2023-02-10 UK Special-Firebird Brewing 2022-09-28 Reeve Joseph of Odious Cellars 2022-06-10 Brewing but in Michigan Jamie Albert of Will County Brewing 2022-05-19 Church Street 10 Year Anniversary…Our First Visit 2022-05-06 Nothing Odd about Matt Manthe of Odd Breed Ales 2021-10-21 The Curious Case of Banging Gavel Brews 2021-10-01 Lane Fearing of Roaring Table Brewing 2021-09-10 Alex Goetting of Verde Brewing Company 2021-06-30 Big Thorn Farm and Brewery: The Great Outdoors 2021-06-11 Chris Valleau of Exit Strategy Brewing 2021-05-27 Closed Drink Local Spirits with Ed Malnar of Pollyanna Brewing and Distilling 2021-05-06 Erik Pizer of Milk Money Brewing 2021-03-18 Return to Florida with Kevin Abbott of Barrel of Monks Brewing 2021-03-09 Zoomin’ To Idaho-Dan Shamy and Alvin Mullins of 2C Family Brewing 2021-03-01 Closed 3/30/23 Zoomin’ To Idaho-Jerry Larson of Mad Swede Brewing 2021-02-26 Zoomin’ To Idaho-Jake Talbot of Ram Brewery 2021-02-24 Zoomin’ To Idaho-Sean Pletcher of Clairvoyant Brewing 2021-02-22 Zoomin’ To Idaho-Bryan Garcia-Brown of Edge Brewing 2021-02-18 Josh Grubbs of Black Lung Brewing 2020-12-04 Phil Castello of Side Lot Brewery 2020-11-11 Now The Side Lot gastropub Virtual Happy Hour-Jon Lambert of Hairy Cow Brewing 2020-09-11 Virtual Happy Hour:Ep.29-Rabid Brewing 2020-08-23 Virtual Happy Hour:Ep.28-Liquid Love Brewing 2020-08-08 Hops Outside:Ep.27-Goldfinger Brewing 2020-07-17 Hops Outside:Ep.25-It’s not all Sanitizer at Church Street Brewing 2020-06-16 Hops Outside:Ep.24-Art History Brewing 2020-06-05 Doris and Rick Kennay of Kennay Farms Distilling 2020-02-21 The Wiz at 93 Octane Brewing 2020-02-07 Werk Force Brewing Does It The Wright Way 2020-01-17 Penny and Nate Peterson: Wishful Acres Farm and Brewery 2019-12-24 Steven Winter of Generations Brewing 2019-12-06 Cam Horn and Frazer Donaldson of Elmhurst Brewing Co. 2019-11-22 Lincoln Slagel is Emancipated! 2019-11-08 Darin and Matt Riggs: Riggs Beer Company 2019-10-25 Barrel of Monks Brewing Part 2 2019-10-17 Kevin Abbott from Barrel of Monks Brewing 2019-10-08 Big Thorn Farm and Brewery 2019-09-11 Chris, Brett and Bill of Blind Pig Brewing 2019-08-09 Sunday at Sew Hop’d 2019-07-03 Black and Gray Brewing 2019-05-24 Dan Rosenberg from MyGrain Brewing 2019-04-26 Closed Scallywag Brewing 2019-04-05 Closed Tom Korder: Penrose Brewing, 5 Years On 2019-04-04 Macushla Brewing 2019-03-28 Ike and Oak Brewing 2019-03-21 Riverlands Brewing 2019-03-14 Ryan Wibby, Wibby Brewing 2019-01-31 Wolfden Brewing 2019-01-25 Forge Brewhouse 2018-11-20 Closed Pokro Brewing 2018-10-31 Closed Wildrose Brewing 2018-10-25 New Oberpfalz Brewing 2018-10-17 Alex Drayer: D and G Brewing 2018-09-08 Oktoberfest Brew Review from Dry City Brew Works 2018-09-19 Closed Evil Horse Brewing 2018-07-26 Corridor 55 Special Release #6 – Skeleton Key Brewery 2018-07-12 Flesk Brewing 2.0+1 2018-06-15 Closed We say Zumbier! 2018-06-07 Closed Jan 2024 Corridor 55 Special Release #5 – Black Horizon Brewing 2018-06-01 Oswego Brewing – Ribbon Cutting 2018-07-17 Closed Pollyanna Roselare Update 2018-04-26 Corridor 55 Special Release #4 – Miskatonic Brewing 2018-04-12 Oswego Brewing Co 2018-03-29 Closed Corridor 55 Release #3 – Blue Nose Brewery 2018-03-02 Closed Tangled Roots Brewing 2018-02-08 Corridor 55 Special Release #2 – Imperial Oak Brewing 2018-01-27 Corridor 55 Special Release #1 – Pollyanna Brewing 2018-01-11 Buffalo Creek Brewing 2017-08-11 More Brewing Company 2017-07-28 Black Horizon Brewing Company 2017-07-21 Tighthead Brewing 2017-07-14 Flesk Brewing 2.0 2017-06-30 Became Sundial Special Edition – Short Fuse Brewing (Soft Opening) 2017-06-20 Arundel Brewery, West Sussex, UK 2017-04-28 Archive Show – Flesk Brewing 2017-04-20 Moved to Barrington Empirical Brewery 2017-03-31 Closed Archive Interview-Oskar Blues 2010 2017-02-26 Metal Monkey Plus One Year 2017-01-13 Closed Nevin’s Brewing Co. 2016-11-11 Now Khaos Brewcade Ram On! Shaun Berns 2016-10-14 Now Phase 3 Exit Strategy Brewing Co. 2016-09-30 Closed Decmber 2023 Myths and Legends Brewing Co 2016-08-24 Now Whiskey Hill Lena and Generations Brewing 2016-07-01 Werk Force Brewing 2016-05-20 Alter Brewing Co. 2016-04-08 2nd Shift Brewing 2016-04-01 Copperpoint Brewing, Florida 2016-02-12 Special Edition-Metal Monkey 2016-02-01 Closed October 2023 Dark Star Brewing – UK 2016-01-08 Miskatonic Brewing 2015-12-04 O’Fallon Brewery 2015-11-06 Cademon Brewing Co. 2015-10-09 Closed We’ve hit Rock Bottom! 2015-10-02 Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 110 – Penrose Brewing Company 2013-09-15 10th Anniversary coming up Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 114 – Urban Legend 2013-12-11 Became Myths and Legends and then Whiskey Hill Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 107 – Church Street Brewing 2013-07-06 Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 106 – Flesk Brewing 2013-06-08 Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 103 – Tighthead Brewing 2013-02-17 Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 67 – Oskar Blues 2010-12-12

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