The Brit – The Landlord

Phil Clark is the landlord and “The Brit“.
Coming to the USA from his native England in 1980, he thought he’d stay a few years, make his fortune, and go back home. Like many before him, he failed to go home and hasn’t made his fortune yet either!!

Phil Clark - Landlord
Phil Clark – Landlord

Living in the Midwest and specifically the Chicago-land area, all but eighteen months of his tenure in the USA, he received his citizenship in 2000 – a nice millennium present! He now thinks himself a “native” Midwesterner, in what he considers to be the greatest city in the USA.

In 2005, he discovered podcasting, first listening and then as contributing US correspondent to the Richard Vobes Radio Show. As time went on, it became clear that he needed to try his hand at producing his own podcast.  So teaming up with his darting buddy, Lingo, “Pubcast at The Brit and Yankee” was born.

He has grown up with British bitter and milds, and has been enjoying real ale all his life.  When the craft brewing boom came to fruition, he decided that real beer had finally made it in America.  He now promotes craft beer when ever he can, and will raise a glass with whoever wants to talk about the magic of combining hops, grain, water and yeast.

The Brit is at the heart of the Brit and Yankee Pub and Podcast, and he’ll always welcome you down to the pub! Cheers!

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