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The Brit and Yankee Pub Studio

The Brit and Yankee Pubcast” focuses on the craft brewing scene around the Chicago suburbs, and is recorded at The Brit and Yankee studios in deepest West Chicago.  Landlord Phil Clark, an ex-pat from the UK, decided he wanted to bring the atmosphere and ambiance of the British Pub to Chicago, and the pubcast was born from this.  The Brit and Yankee Pub is a friendly place, where you can enjoy a good pint and a chat about everything and nothing, and feel right at home.

We first started way back in 2005, presenting interviews on a variety of topics, but always reviewing beers.

From 2007 on we really focused on beer tastings, brewery interviews, and all things craft beer, as the boom expanded and it became the big industry it is today.

We’ve made many friends along the way, and what we have found is that it doesn’t matter what side of the bar you are on, drinking beer, making beer, or serving beer, conversation strikes up and friends are made.  We love this business!

We now bring you shows that showcase beer, breweries, brewers, and beer consumers in Illinois, and particularly the Chicago suburbs…we leave downtown to those who know it better than we do!  We do also head out of state when we get selection of brews from specific areas, and we’ve made a few friends in Florida and Idaho specifically!

Remember, the British pub is a place to socialize, make friends, and enjoy a good beer! CHEERS! Phil ‘The Brit’ Clark, Landlord.

Need to send us an email?  pints@thebritandyankee.com

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