Pubcast 356-3 – Zoomin’ To Idaho – Jake Talbot of Ram Brewery

Ram Brewery has been around for many years, and has come and gone in the Chicago-land area. Yet in Boise ID they are thriving with 2 locations, and award-winning brewers. Jake Talbot is head brewer at the east side site, and brews a Kolsch that has claimed a couple of those awards. We got sent a crowler of this classic style, zoomed in with Mark Naski and Jake, and sampled as we chatted. The Brit wanted to save some for his co-host Ken, but alas it was just TOO good to save and got finished over the course of the podcast. Jake puts his faith in Weyermann for his malts, and the authenticity and quality of the brew is front and center. Tune in and find out more about Kolsch, as we enjoy a great chat … Ram on, dude!

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