Pubcast 180 Pt 2 – Naperville Winterfest 2016

Part 2 of our festival report includes Miskatonic, Rockford Brewing, and Hopvine interviews. Plus John Bitterman and the homebrew tent. Cheers!
To help you listen to the interviews you want to hear, here is the handy timeline of the brewers and personalities we talked with. Enjoy!
Use our player here, or the SoundCloud version…

00:00 – 02:17 Introductions
02:17 – 11:22 Miskatonic Brewing, Josh Mowry
11:22 – 15:51 John Bitterman
15:51 – 22:11 Rockford Brewing Co, Steve Lennox
22:11 – 27:48 PALE Hombrew, John Lawlor
27:48 – 32:48 Hopvine Brewing, Ken McMullen
33:48 – End  Goose Island and Outro

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