Pubcast 368 – Nothing Odd about Matt Manthe of Odd Breed Ales

In this edition, my co-host Chuck Fort (Church Street Brewing) and The Brit welcome a 2021 GABF Gold Medal winner and someone who is intensely passionate about his craft. Matt Manthe is the brewer behind Odd Breed Ales, a small brewery in Pompano Beach FL, who is making quite a mark in the arena of wild and farmhouse ales using a unique mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria, and aged them in oak barrels. His success at GABF came in the Mixed-Culture Brett Beer category, and Matt tells us all about how he comes to be able to make such fantastic brews. Also joining us is return guest and chum of the podcast, Kevin Abbott, who is Director of Operations for Barrel of Monks Brewing in Boca Raton FL. BoM is the partner brewery to Odd Breed and he tells us how the relationship came into being and the many benefits it brings both parties.

This is an in-depth podcast which should appeal to home and professional brewers as well as the craft beer drinker who wants to understand more about this side of the industry.

Want to know what a puncheon is? Want to hear Matt’s thoughts on how to store the bottles in your cellar? Does the water quality affect the type of beers Matt makes? These and many more questions are answered here.

It was recorded via Zoom and Matt’s connection sometimes suffers from connection ‘blips’, so please forgive those few seconds, as this is a great opportunity to hear from an expert who has a passion for working with wild yeast and barrels. Alas, distribution has not reached Illinois yet (any out there who want to jump in, please contact Matt and Kevin!), but listen for Matt hinting about possibly entering a brew into this years FOBAB…we can only hope!

If you liked this edition, we are hoping to get Matt back on for more insight, so please send us your comments, emails and questions, and we’ll work on a better mic and connection for Matt!!  Cheers!

Brews Sampled:

  • The Brit – Beth, Saison, 6.7% ABV, Roaring Table Brewing
  • Chuck – Bishop Bock, Bock, Church Street Brewing
  • Kevin – La Temporada, Tequila Barrel Aged Wild Ale, 5% ABV, Odd Breed Ales
  • Matt – Elusive Illusion, Wild IPA, 7.3% ABV, Odd Breed Ales

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