Pubcast 357 – Return to Florida with Kevin Abbott of Barrel of Monks Brewing

In this show, we are welcoming back to the pub our pinch-hitter co-host, Chuck Fort, who is head brewer for Church Street Brewing in Itasca, IL. Illinois has opened up for restricted capacity so we take advantage of this and get Chuck into the pub to help taste and chat with an old friend of the pubcast.

Back in October 2019 we first talked with Kevin Abbott, VP of Operations for Boca Raton’s Belgium-styles brewery Barrel of Monks. Now he’s back and we get a BoM update, and find out about four brews that he sent us in a Covid-care-package. It’s a chance to catch up and talk about what is on tap there and what the future holds for them. Also we hear about sister brewery, Odd Breed Ales, and their fantastic oak-aged beers, one of which we taste, and it turns out to be a gem! Packaging, yeast science, and how brett can naturally change the flavors of a beer are other topics of the conversation.

If you head to Florida, then these are two breweries that are high on the ‘must-visit’ list. Thanks to Kevin for sending us the beers…we loved them and crave for more!

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