Pubcast 336 – Boise Beer Update

Mark Naski has been part of the podcast for several years, both as co-host and as ‘technical’ consultant to several breweries in the Midwest. He moved out to Boise Idaho a couple of years ago, but frequently returns to the Chicago suburbs, each time bringing samples of the great brews from some of the growing population of craft breweries in Boise (24 as of this recording). In this edition, we have brews from a couple of the breweries that were at GABF this year, Barbarian Brewing and Mad Swede.

This show was recorded during a bottle share session when Mark came back to Illinois recently, so we had already sampled 6 other brews. The panel joining The Brit was Chuck Fort, Ken McMullen, Tom Ryan, and John Karwoski, and they had begun to show a little ‘wear and tear’ after that first session (show 334). That said, we enjoyed the brews and think you need to know about them!
One of these has a pucker factor of 10 according to The Brit, one is from a GABF-medal brewery, and the last one is a pastry stout from a brewery that does a lot of experimental brewing as Mark tells us.

Brews Sampled:

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