Pubcast 172 – May The Schwarzbier With You!

Chuck Fort from Church Street and John Karwoski from John’s Tavern join us for some tasting fun, as this show takes a trans-continental trip from Oregon to Missouri, then back home to Illinois.
Our group of distinguished guests pontificate over a rather special sour ale, Seizoen Bretta, one of the award-winning Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, rating it very highly.
Style of the Week is Schwarzbier, and Mark Naski talks about the origin of this dark lager. We taste two samples of the style, one from St. Louis, Missouri, Schlafly’s Schwarzbier, and one from here in Chicago, Illinois, Metropolitan Brewing’s Magnetron.
Also, Phil’s Top 10 notable beers of 2015, and each guest throws in one of their favorites.

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