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Pubcast 392 – Brülosophy with Steve Thanos

Home brewing is where the craft beer movement all started. President Jimmy Carter back in 1978 signed HR 1337, lifting some 50 years of prohibition on homebrewing regulations, and thereby creating a thriving amateur brewing environment that developed into the craft beer industry we have today. So many professional brewers have come from a homebrew background, and one of the organizations that has produced many of Chicagoland’s brewers in PALE, Plainfield Ale & Lager Enthusiasts.

One man who has remained in the club, has not become a professional, but who is very much involved in helping homebrewers with their education, is Steve Thanos. Steve is also one of the main contributors to Brülosophy, an organization that takes the art of homebrewing to the next level with their ‘Exbeeriments’ and discussions on brewing methods, just part of their extensive website.

In this episode, co-host Ken McMullen, who was also an originating PALE member, joins The Brit in welcoming Steve down to the Brit and Yankee Pub studio where we talk homebrew, plus we undertake one of Steve’s Exbeeriments! How do we fare? You’ll have to tune in to find out, but whether you are a professional, a homebrewer, or just like craft beer, this episode is a fascinating story of the total experience of tasting craft beer.

We held back and posted this episode AFTER Brülosophy posted the results of this Exbeeriment, at their request, so now you can also head over to their website and check out the full article on the results. Cheers to Steve and all those at Brülosophy!

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