Monthly Archives: April 2020

Hops At Home: Ep. 16 – Mike Marr, Buffalo Creek Brewing

North of the Brit & Yankee studios, in the village of Long Grove, is a brewery that has injected new life into a dying economy. Buffalo Creek Brewing, named after the creek that runs behind it, is run by Mike Marr, the owner/brewer, along with his partner in the business, Josh Czarnik. Opened in 2017, Mike has been responsible for bringing the Long Grove beer festival to fruition, but alas the Covid-19 pandemic brought a halt to holding it this year, in late in late April.

Mike joined Ken, Jay, and The Brit for a virtual beer from his home, and as you will see, he has mastered the art of a virtual background. In this episode, we hear from Mike about his beers, his carpentry skills, and his efforts to help other affected businesses by pulling together Long Grove Survival Kits. Grab a brew and check it out. Oh, and Ken has a special guest, ‘whoo’ we won’t say! Cheers!

Hops At Home: Ep. 15 – Ed and Brandon, Ed’s Basement

In this video series, we’ve spoken to breweries who haven’t opened as scheduled due to the lock-down, and in this episode we talk with a couple of guys who were hoping to open their craft beer bar (CBB) but have been thwarted because of the current pandemic.

Ed Simbol already owns a couple of successful CBBs with Bigsby’s Pour House in Rolling Meadows and Addison, and is now ready to open his new venture, Ed’s Basement, right across from the Fox River in St. Charles, IL. We find him, together with his business partner and bar manager, Brandon Andreola, in the new location which bears the promise of good beer and good times, but is stalled in getting open. We chat about the bar, find out about why Brandon is buff, and enjoy a beer together via Zoom! Cheers!


Hops At Home: Ep. 14 – James Moriarty, Urban Renewal Brewing

Urban Renewal is located among the plethora of breweries in the Ravenswood Malt Row. At present, they have no tap room and the corona-crisis drew a halt to expansion plans in which they would have rectified this status. As brewmaster James Moriarty explains in this Virtual Happy Hour edition, this is not stopping them producing their beer and selling it in their bottle shop, and at locations around the Chicago area

The crew caught up with James on a day when he was at home with his family, and the quiet spot in the house was his daughter’s bedroom! Check out this report to find out how URB is surviving with James at the helm. Cheers!

Hops At Home: Episode 11 – Marc & Carolyn, Oswego Brewing Company

Nestled at the southern end of the Fox River bike trail is Oswego IL. And across from Fox River is a brewery located in an old fire station, and on the level of a bicycle store. It is here that WBC medal winner and brewmaster, Marc Wilson, along with assistant brewer Carolyn Stephens, are creating some very popular beers in the Chicago area.

During the lockdown, they too have found it tough to keep going, but they have managed to survive so far, and it is one Saturday morning that we catch up with Marc who is in the boil stage of another batch. Carolyn joins us from her home office, and we hear what they are doing to keep busy, and we have a double-dose of our segment, ‘Show Us Your Fridge, Please’! So grab a can or crowler of their brew and take 20 with us, and Cheers!