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Pubcast 167 – Warnog!

For your post-Thanksgiving listening pleasure, Lingo and Phil get together while Mark’s away and they sample Klingon Warnog, Hoppin’ Frog Hop Heathen, and 51st Ward’s Whiskey Hill. Tune in and hear the banter, and we also have the band Alltunators on the pub stage!

Klingon Warnog Roggen Dunkle Ale, brewed under contract by Tin Man Brewing, Evansville IN.
Hoppin’ Frog Hop Heathen Imperial Black IPA
51st Ward, Whiskey Hill, Rye Porter, Hoops and Staves Collection

Pubcast 166 – Schlafly Report

Our focus for this week is a report from the Taproom at Schlafly Brewing in St. Louis, where Mark and Phil chat about their history and their beers, as served by long-time Taproom barman, Kevin Nash.
Also, left-over business from last week’s Style of the Week has us tasting a baseline Imperial Stout from the UK and the USA. We finish up with Schlafly’s Quadrupel.

Beers tasted are Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout from Tadcaster, Yorkshire and Spiteful Brewing’s Malevolance Russian Imperial Stout.


Pubcast 165 – The Yankee Returns!

Lingo is back in the house! He joins Mark and I, and also Chuck Fort from Church Street to taste some incredible beers.

We start at Pollyanna with their Orenda Volume 2: Belgian-style Quadrupel Ale, then head into our Style of the Week, Imperial Stouts.  The first one is the Hubbard’s Cave Imperial Coffee Stout, and the second is Boulevard Brewing‘s 2015 Imperial Stout with Aztec Chocolate.  The Landlord is told he should have had a baseline Imperial Stout with nothing added, so next week we will have an Addendum!

Pubcast 165 Beers (1)
Our beer selection for the week

We visit to Civil Life Brewing in Tower Grove, MO, part of our St. Louis interview series, and find out about their brewing style.

We finish with one of the best brews we have had in a long time – Katy from 2nd Shift Brewing, New Haven, MO. It’s a beer brewed with Brettanomyces Lambicus and it drinks like a wine!

Pubcast 165 Beers
The Landlord displays Katy from 2nd Shift Brewing

On the pub stage this week, from Railway Records, is a band called Wandering Dirt.

Wandering Dirt


Pubcast 164 – O’Fallon Brewery

The pub staff recently took a trip to St. Louis to visit some of the plethora of craft breweries in our neighboring state.
In this episode, we meet Brian Owens, head brewer at O’Fallon, and explore their new production facility, and hear about some of his brewing philosophy.

Also, our Style of the Week is American Pale Ale, and we discuss some style notes and sample a couple of examples from Ballast Point and Brickstone Brewing.

And finally, we have opened our new pub stage, in association with Railway Records, and we present this week, Midwestern Lull – the first of many independent bands we will feature. Grab a good pint of your favorite brew and listen in!

Midwestern Lull