Pubcast 356 – Zoomin’ To Idaho – Part 1 – Bryan Garcia-Brown of Edge Brewing

We’re doing something a little different in this pubcast as we travel outside the boundaries of Illinois and head northwest to Idaho. Boise is the center of the burgeoning craft beer scene with over 25 breweries in this state capitol.

We are visiting with just 5 of these, courtesy of a care package of sample brews sent by our chum, ex-cohost, and beer aficionado, Mark Naski. Mark thought that The Brit needed to get a taste of what’s brewing out there, so he arranged for us to talk with the brewers via Zoom, while we tasted the sample beers. We want this to incent you to visit Boise for a beer-cation, especially these 5 breweries and tell them The Brit sent you!

In part 1, we welcome Bryan Garcia-Brown who is the brewmaster at Edge Brewing, and there’s a Baltic Porter to try. Cheers!

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