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Pubcast 359 – The 4th Annual Barleywine Classic – Parts 1-3

The Brit loves a good Barleywine, and since 2017, we’ve held an annual get-together to taste and chat about this classic style. Over each year, Barleywines are collected from any brewery that has one, with no particular connection other than we try to focus on Illinois. Our the last celebration was held back in January 2020 at Riverlands Brewing, and little did we know then that it might be a while before we held the next one, or for that matter got together as a group to chat and sample.

This year, The Brit had to come up with another approach so that social distancing protocols could be still observed. So instead of gathering together, Ken McMullen and The Brit headed out to 7 breweries and tasted one or two barleywines at each location. Luckily, as we recorded throughout March, restrictions were being lifted, people were getting vaxxed, and we were able to keep our mask wearing to a minimum.

These pubcasts are a collection of videos (or audio if you prefer to listen that way) which we recorded at the breweries listed below, and we split them up into a 3-part series. Thanks to all the brewers for joining us to make it happen. We’ve included the recording date just for a reference point in case there are some ‘dated’ comments!


3/1/2021 Ken McMullen, Hopvine Brewing – Crystal Lake Brewing, Boathouse Reserve Barrel Aged Barleywine

3/2/2021 Brandon Wright, Werk Force Brewing – P.A.L.E / Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration Bonus Brew: Werk Force Brewing / Inflatable Koelship Habitat

3/7/2021 Marc Wilson, Oswego Brewing Lagunitas, Olde Gnarlywine Bonus Brew: Oswego Brewing, That’s My Baby, BA Barleywine


We head to two more breweries for part 2 of our 4th Annual Barleywine Classic, to get the brewers to taste and comment on the brews we have selected. This time it’s Alex Drayer from D and G Brewing who gets to try a barrel-aged offering from The Forge Brewhouse, who he did a collaboration with last year. Then it’s back to Milk Money Brewing, where we present a ‘mystery’ barleywine to Erik Pizer, and only reveal it is from Black and Gray Brewing after he has tasted it. Did he like it? Tune in and find out!

3/8/21 Alex Drayer, D and G Brewing – The Forge Brewhouse, Long Haul Series, BA Heavy Hitter Barleywine

3/23/21 Erik Pizer, Milk MoneyBrewing – Black and Gray Brewing, Ye Olde Curmedgeon


It’s our final part of the 4th Annual Barleywine classic, and we head to Riverlands Brewing Company for an experiment in keeping beer, which with all due apologies to Riggs Beer Company did not stand the test of time. Luckily, the beer was so good we want it fresh now! Then it’s off to Church Street Brewing, and we have the full B&Y team back together for a couple of tastings, one from Karetas Brewing Co., and a wrap up where we feature a barleywine from Clairvoyant Brewing Company. This year was challenging, but we had a blast with all our awesome brewing chums! Cheers!

3/23/21 Eric Bramwell, Riverlands Brewing – Riggs Beer, American Barleywine

3/23/21 Chuck Fort, Church Street Brewing – Karetas Brewing, English Cardinal Summary Ken, Phil, Chuck – Clairvoyant Brewing, Barleywine

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