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Pubcast 250.1 Barleywine Classic Addendum

During our last show, we were contacted by friends of the show, Tim and Tom Stephenson who offered to let us taste their collection of Sierra Nevada Barleywines, which ranged back to 2010, and included a 2015 barrel-aged version.

The crew gathered together and decided that we should just try the 2010, and compare it to the one we tasted in our last show (2016), and see if indeed the flavors change and the brew matures. We even got some ‘foam art’ from one of the pours!

This mid-week special edition was recorded just after we recorded out next show due out this weekend, and we have the entire staff of the Brit and Yankee Pub, including the ‘Yankee’, passing opinions and coming to the conclusion that it is indeed worth aging this classic barleywine. So, start collecting them now folks!

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Pubcast 250 – Barleywine Classic

We are celebrating our 250th show with a classic style, steeped in history, and now breaking through in the USA, barley wine. We have been collecting these for a while and have a four-pack of barrel-aged barley wines, 2 from Illinois breweries.

This show was recorded at John’s Tavern in Winfield and we assembled a motley crew of panelists to help taste these and pass opinions. Most notably, Mark Naski returns on one of his travels across America, but we also have tavern owner John Karwoski, craft beer afficienado Tom Ryan, and joining us after dropping his car off at the mechanics, Chuck Fort from Church Street Brewing.

The barley wine has long been one of those styles that is often passed by, but it can be quite a ‘treat’ beer, full of flavors, slightly sweeter, and usually higher in alcohol content. Brewed originally back in the late 18th century for the aristocratic Brits, it now has taken a turn towards the slightly milder and paler side of craft beer, but still can pack a punch, and thankfully we call all reap those benefits.
Our sampling, including the pre-show bevvy, takes 4 of these and we see if we have a favorite, plus we also have a bonus beer review, so stick around after the hour mark!

Three Floyds / Dark Horse Collab, Oil of Gladness Barleywine, 11%
Charleville Brewing, Barrel-aged Barleywine, 10.2%
Tighthead Brewing, Old Kaya Dog, 10.3%
Tangled Roots, 1st Year Celebration Barleywine 2017, 9.6%
Sierra Nevada, Barrel-aged Bigfoot, Barleywine-style Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels
Karetas Brewing, 48 Kings, Scotch Ale, 9%

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Pubcast 249 – Going Up In Smoke

The podcast is going up in smoke this week, and we are exploring some brews that are very polarizing in their style, you love ‘em or hate ‘em! Today’s show has our panel of craft beer drinkers faced with a style that can stretch the palate, and we focus on a six-pack of smoke or rauchbiers, but The Brit also brings in a ringer that would not strictly be included in that category.

Our panel comprises of co-host Chuck Fort, assistant brewer at Church, Illinois beer historian John Bitterman, tavern owner John Karwoski, and guest craft beer nerd Tim Stephenson.

Does smoke get in your eyes, or are we all just blowing smoke?  Find out by listening in!

Our brews under review are:
Aecht Schlenkerla Smokebeer – Urbock, Bamberg Germany, 6.5%
Jolly Pumpkin, Dexter MI, Forgotten Tales of The Last Gypsy Blender Sour Ale with Fruit, Citrus Peel & Salt, 7.0%
Against The Grain Brewery, Lousiville KY, Mac Fanny Baw, BA Smoked Ale, 8.5%
O’Fallon, Maryland Heights, MO, Smoked Porter, 6.0%
Alaskan Brewing, 2017 Smoked Porter, 6.5%
Schlafly – The Saint Louis Brewing Co, Smoked Stout, 9.5%

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Pubcast 248 – Pollyanna Roselare

While most of the Chicago craft beer scene are downtown at FOBAB 2017, we headed over to Roselle and checked out the new Pollyanna Brewing location, Pollyanna’s Roselare. Nestled along the train tracks, they’ve taken an old building and turned it in to their location for wild and sour ales. But that’s not all that you’ll find there – they have 24 taps of wild and sours and all the Pollyanna favorites.

The Brit headed out there on their ‘soft’ opening day, which by the end of the evening was really humming with a full house of punters. We pulled head brewer Brian Pawola aside and spoke with him about some of his new brews, and the new brewing styles they will be exploring. I also went into the brewing area and chatted with owner and brewery operations head, Ed Malnar.

Listen in and then head out there and experience it for yourself. Cheers!

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